UPDATE ON:My Son Has Been Out Of School For Almost A Year Now

(now 2 years by the time I write this)

It has been a year or so since I updated my story: My Son Has Been Out Of School For Almost A Year Now

Apologies for my silence of my fight to get my son back into school and a suitable school that would provide for his needs appropriately. Since this was an on going case, when I discovered that my blog was being read by my local government and their legal advisor, I felt it best to keep a lower profile in my blog, since anything I wrote about could be used in evidence.  

Having said this, my son and myself did win the long two year case, and from 8th June 2011 my son is now attending the school of our choice.  However I do not boast our success, but rather I am grateful that the correct school is now put into place, and write of this in hope to encourage others. My fight has been nothing unique, but common place to most parents of children on the higher functioning end of the autistic spectrum in the UK. It would be nice to think that our children could get the help that they are entitled to for their special needs, but this does not come automatically, and usually not come at all  without a legal fight. During these lengthy procedures, my son was growing up, and in fact by the time the final tribunal came to be, he was old enough, (14), to want to speak for himself in court, which he did, and to which all merit of winning the case goes to my son Ziggy himself, Well done Ziggy! (and of which could not have been achieved without our excellent legal support of course!)

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