Nerodiversity VS Disorder - The Other Great Divide Of Autism

 From Website:Autism Key -  www.autism key.com

"With all of the attention the autism-vaccine debate has received, often overlooked is another source of infighting within the autism community that involves neurodiversity vs. disorder. Neurodiversity is a movement commonly seen among those with high functioning autism and adheres to the notion that people with autism experience the world differently, not pathologically. As such, they are not looking to be "cured" and advocate for greater acceptance and awareness for themselves and others who are "different." Read More ...

"There is a real fear by many that the heredity model will take precedence and lead to eugenics as more and more parents opt to abort fetuses with a chromosome marker for autism, following the path of Down Syndrome where approximately 92% of all diagnosed fetuses are aborted. Do we really want to prevent the birth of the next Temple Grandin?"

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