The Mercenaries Around Autism

As a relatively new diagnosis (in the scale of things), autism has become the ideal marketing tool and target for private clinics, individual medics, scientists, writers, manufacturers and film makers, etc, and even some film stars or others in the media or public eye. Autism is fast becoming big business now that for the most part the days where autistics were permanently locked out of the way in institutions and given experimental drugs, and even chained, are behind us. Let us never go back there! Before you go into so called treatments, by people who convince you that they know what they are doing, please I urge you, to be vigilant.

Sorry to sound so severe, but I'm not pussy footing around this one, as not only does this affect our children, but the new up and coming generations. And not only how autistic people will be seen and treated in society at large, but how our society of tomorrow will be molded.

There will always be those in the world who will prefer to keep the view, 'if it is different, kill it, faze it out,' or , 'lets see if we can make a lot of money out of it first', or, 'lets shape it to suit our needs'. But in order to have the power to do this, they must gather numbers of people on their side to support them. The best way to do this is to target human emotions in areas of guilt, or feelings of inadequacy. They then further go on to set up themselves to be emphatic to the terrible life you must be leading having given birth to an autistic or disabled child. They target the unaware, new parents, or parents of newly diagnosed children on the spectrum. they will then try to win you over with ideas of cures and treatments. The old 'medicine man of the wild west' are still here today, with treatments and remedies, but no longer travels in wagons, but work from clinics and establishments. They will drain you of your life savings in order to obtain what they offer. They keep the farce going by using words that have a negative impact such as, 'disorder', 'abnormal', and 'cures' to win you over into their flock, so that they can then supply you with their ideas of solutions, treatments, cures, and to themselves a source into your bank account.

It is all far from the truth, that your autistic child will never be able to function as citizen in this world. They may need more help in getting there perhaps, or may appear to be locked in their own world, but would not you or I take a similar stance in a society which refuses to recognise you or accept you for who you are. Above all they need an open communication channel and to be listened to.

With the world wide web Asperger people are beginning to express their feelings to the world, it's a hard task in itself, in a world that meets them with disbelief and disapproval. (please see my video collection on my web page on "Some Useful Links On The Autistic Spectrum ). And for more severely effected people with autism, where speach and language is difficult or none existent, it would be very easy to assume that there is nothing going on inside them, and that they are locked in their own world, but without the open space given for communication, then what choice would they have? accept to be locked into their own isolated existence. But please let me assure you, that contrary to what may appear on the outside, there is plenty going on the inside of these people. And who is it that locked them away into their own little planet in the first place and what choice would they have?

Along with the 21st century, we more and more ready to sell out to a "if you don't like it take it back and get another one" kind of attitude, are we really going to stand back and watch this happen to our children? Are we really going to sell out to the nearest idea of what our children should be like according to media intelligence? PLEASE! Our up and coming world of tomorrow and genetic engineering will be giving us the choice to pick and choose what kind of child we will be having before they are even born in terms of hair, eye, skin color, and intelligence. And we will be media guided as to who and what is or is not going to be desirable or acceptable for the society of tomorrow. But do we really want a new society of little clones, who then in turn could well grow up to seek even more ideologies to compete with, and so it goes on, always seeking better, in trying to enhance the human condition. Personally I do not believe that we are seeing what is in front of us when making these types evaluations. We should look closer home. Your children are a gift, and if you have a child on the spectrum, then you have a very special gift, which like all special things needs nurturing and caring for, and you may be surprised what will unfold. You have a very special little person there indeed. But please give them the open space to grow and communicate. Remember that autistic children often have a different learning curve, but work wonders with the things they learn. They have a particular ability to step out of the 'general' and give intricate focus and explore a territory or subject thoroughly, at times this will seem obsessive, (obsessions), but it is often the case that they may grow to be masters in their chosen field of interest. I deem that if we are going to progress, that our important little individuals on the spectrum are a necessary part of the human condition for change and innovation. We should never overlook this. (see my earlier blog: Parents Supporting Genocide For Autism

And to all those on the Spectrum, please carry on speaking out.